Concierge Senior Living is the management company behind the services provided at The Pineapple House.  They are an experienced, professional organization devoted to achieving excellence in senior living.

Achieving excellence  

Founded by two partners who have nearly 70 years of combined experience in the field of development, construction and the operation of senior living communities, their expertise drives the growth and professionalism of Concierge Senior Living.  They have successfully blended their abilities to develop best-in-class senior living communities such as the Pineapple House!

Concierge Senior Living

The Pineapple House is the symbol of hospitality

The first recorded encounter with pineapples dates back to 1493, when Christopher Columbus was on his second voyage to explore the Caribbean. While there, some of his crew discovered a myriad of different and unique fruits and vegetables. One in particular had an abrasive exterior similar to a pinecone and the interior texture of an apple. They wanted to share this new fruit with their friends and family back in Europe. When they returned, the pineapple became a huge hit amongst the royal family. Throughout the years, European farmers did all they could to create an environment conducive to harvesting pineapples. It took almost two hundred years before gardeners were able to create a perfect hothouse environment that would allow the growth of the tropical fruit. The complexity of growing pineapples is what created the idea that they were a symbol of royal privilege. King Charles II of England even posed for a portrait in which he received a pineapple as a status symbol.

With the availability of pineapples sparse, the tradition says that if you were attending an event, and the host had a pineapple to offer their guests, you knew that they had pulled out all the stops to create a beautiful event. Additionally, it was considered an honor if you were offered a meal that included a pineapple-topped dish. In this manner, the pineapple became the symbol of hospitality and gracious hosting. While pineapples are much more accessible these days, we love the idea that they are a symbol of a generous hospitality and selfless hosting. 

Core values :

SERVICE:  We are dedicated to providing the finest personal service possible in everything we do. The comfort of our residents is our highest priority.  As our name indicates, “concierge” means proudly to providing service to another fellow human being.

ENRICHMENT:  Creating an environment of enrichment for all residents in our communities is our focus and consummate goal. We tailor amenities and experiences to the needs and wants of each resident, resulting in a comfortable and familiar way of life for them.

FULFILLMENT:  Fulfilling the lives of our residents is accomplished by our professional leadership that empowers all team members, giving employees uncompromising support to help them achieve our high standard of excellence.

COMPASSION:  Emphasizing care and compassion, our goal is to always be supportive of our residents. We are here to embrace and celebrate their lives and to share their joys and sorrows, always acknowledging that we are all members of the great human family.

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